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Four to Six Month Program

The recovery program consists of a four to six month program that provides residents with a graduated path back to employment or volunteer work in a safe and independent living environment. The program is based on the social model wherein the residents, within structured guidelines and staff direction, are responsible for the ongoing operation of the house. Through an intense schedule of meetings, alcohol education and discussion groups, the residents receive direct experience with the 12 steps of recovery.

Employment Program

A major recovery goal is self-support after transition from the house. Many residents lack job skills, particularly basic computer skills. Our job training program provides the equipment and staff for graduates of the class go into jobs which will enable them to make a living while furthering their foundation in recovery. Training areas include prevocational skills, job search, resume preparation, interviewing with job preparation for office occupations, data entry, customer service, stock clerk and others.

The average wait to enter the Van Ness Recovery House is six to eight weeks. During this time, a day program supported through the Ryan White Care Act provides those wishing to participate on a daily out-patient basis and consists of taking part in the daily running of the house, support group meetings, alcohol education and a variety of 12 step recovery programs based on A.A.

Sober Living

The Van Ness Recovery House owns a sober living facility specifically reserved for those who have completed the recovery program and wish to continue on in a sober living environment.

As the residents transist, the use of their support network becomes crucial. The house is available to all alumni -- hopefully this has become their safe haven. We encourage them to stay sober, stay safe, stay close and stay alive.


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